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Meet Mike Handy

Mike is a serial entrepreneur, consultant and corporate trainer with a passion for teaching, coaching and mentoring. At IFPG, Mike shares his industry experience and expertise with our newest franchise consultants. He draws from his deep knowledge to teach the skills and tools necessary to become the best in the business.

Mike started OrderUp.com in 1991 and worked with local entrepreneurs to launch 84 restaurant delivery services in the United States and all around the world. In 2009, Mike started GoWaiter Franchise which quickly grew to more than 35 units in 11 states tracking over $10 million in sales. GoWaiter was acquired in 2013 and since then, Mike has worked as a Franchise Consultant and a Food Service Consultant. Many nationally-recognized franchise companies hire Mike to consult with their sales and operations. His vast success in the Restaurant Delivery Service Industry led Mike to his newest endeavor, as founder and CEO of Takeout Waiter Franchise System.

Mike’s insights on IFPG

“I feel that I am an entrepreneur with a servant’s heart. I knew early on that I wanted to be in business for myself with no limitations on my personal and business growth. As I bought, built, franchised and sold more than 150 businesses over the past 30 years, I realized that I also have a passion for training, motivating, coaching, consulting and helping people take their lives to the next level through business ownership. Working as an IFPG contributing member, Franchisor and Franchise Broker has allowed me to fulfill all of my professional aspirations. I am blessed to have this great opportunity to teach people how to offer such great opportunities.

Seven years ago I met the Founder and CEO of IFPG, Don Daszkowski. During our first conversation, we talked about our passion for improving the franchise industry by creating standards, procedures and best practices for Franchise Consultants/Brokers that were not only profitable for all involved but ethical as well. The one thing that impressed me most about Don was that he was a down to earth great guy and truly wanted to do the right thing. I’m proud to say that many years later, the IFPG Team maintains that culture.

I take the responsibility of training Franchise Brokers very seriously. I am dedicated to constantly upping my game, learning from my own experiences as well as my successful peers and enhancing the training I deliver so that Franchise Brokers/Consultants have the absolute best chance of success possible. I love the phrase, “people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” Well I care about the success of my trainees, and I will teach them everything I know in order for you to be successful.”

How can we help you?

Go Franchise will take the time to learn about your objectives. Imagine purchasing a house or a vehicle without first taking a step back to assess your needs and determine your investment range. You owe it to yourself and your family to begin your search with certain criteria in mind–and that is where we can assist.

We’ll start contacting franchisors on your behalf once we know what your personal and professional objectives are. We’ll do all the legwork for you, including visiting websites, requesting information, and waiting to see whether a franchise is a good match.

We’ll show you franchise opportunities you’d never explore on your own. Yes, an experienced franchise specialist with a better awareness of today’s market potential will accomplish this for their customers on a frequent basis. Even though having a coffee franchise has very little to do with enjoying coffee, if you love coffee, you’ll undoubtedly incline to looking at coffee businesses. You owe it to yourself to figure out which franchise models best match your current talents, and we’ll help you do just that.

If you need funding, we can connect you with third-party lenders that specialize in franchise finance. All too frequently, a person’s lifelong desire of owning a franchise is dashed by a loan officer at their local bank, who may have little or no experience financing to prospective franchisees.